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“ Bonjour! I’m Rina, the founder of Bourina.

Even though it seems so long ago, I still remember very clearly how our brand came into existence: from being just a fledgling, personal dream, Bourina quickly grew to become what is now recognized as a go-to brand for superior-quality bedding products. It all began in the middle of my old life as a busy white-collar worker, trying to get by among a million others in a huge,apparently indifferent metropolis. Exhausted by yet another day of stress and fatigue, every night a gloomy sense of coldness would infiltrate my bones, my heart.  As I tried to find some warmth and comfort wrapping myself in tepid, ordinary sheets, my mind often wandered back to my childhood bedroom, to the smile of my parents kissing me goodnight, to the expert hands of my grandma weaving the soft and comfy blankets that used to warm up the coldest nights of my whole adolescence. I realized how I missed all the things she made with loving dedication, without thinking about saving on materials or time, with the sole purpose of making me and my family feel good.

How could I experience again the soothing warmth of those past moments?
How could I share those precious feelings with my beloved ones, my friends, anyone in need of feeling at
home, even when living away from their family?

The answer came in a flash, like a revelation: “Bourina” was born.

Since its inception, Bourina became like a family member, bringing back the sweetest memories, the
comforting tenderness of a motherly embrace, transforming every bed into a warm and delicate cloud,
gently lulling everyone into a peaceful sleep. Comfortably snugged underneath Bourina's throw blankets for
a restful nap on the sofa or while sipping a cup of coffee, we can feel the busy pace of the city slowing down,
replaced by Bourina’s velvety voice and its multicolored touch, in perfect harmony with any mood, place, or

No matter how hectic or stressful your life could be, Bourina was meant to be a loyal companion,
ready to welcome you and your beloved ones in a warm embrace of serenity and revitalizing relax, so that
you and your family could leave all your troubles at the foot of your bed and follow Bourina down memory
lane, under a quilt of familiar, soul-restoring bliss.

- Yours faithfully,Rina

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