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Bed Products Picking Tips

When it comes to comfort and ease, we often think of our homes and our rooms. The king in our bedroom is our bed. An average person spends almost one-third of his life sleeping. It is crucial to accessorize your bedroom with the best products to maximize comfort. Today we will discuss some tips to help pick up the best products for your bedroom.

Firstly, you need to have the best bed in your bedroom, as it is the most important piece of furniture in your house between your sofa and your dining table. Tick off key features when shopping for a bed namely:

  • Choose it with your significant other as you will be sharing it with him,
  • Take into consideration the size of your room so the bed does not look too bulky or too small in    your personal space.
  • Ensure comfort and choose one that is comfortable and relaxing rather than ostentatious and uncomfortable.
  • Looks do matter so if you chose with comfort in mind only and ended up with a hideous bed, you might find it frustrating in the end and the purpose would fail to provide comfort.

Once you have chosen the best bed you need to select the ideal bedding. At the end of a tiresome day, you need to hit the bed and if your bedding is not comfortable, you will never get a goodnight's sleep. We list down some tips to help you pick the right beddings and ensure your utmost comfort.

  1. Select according to Season:

When selecting the bedding season is the first criterion. The season determines the fabric of your bedding, if it is a cold, wintry one you need to ensure your bedding has more layers to make it comfortable and cozy. Flannel weaving is the best option to make your bedding soft and warm during those cold winter nights.

  1. Select suitable Patterns and Prints:

When it comes to choosing prints and patterns there is no right or wrong print as it is entirely up to your personal choice. However, one should consider the interior decor theme. The bedding should not only provide comfort but also look well-matched with your interior spaces. Whether you go for prints, plain, or plaid sheets, consider the color palette of your room along with the prints and accessories on the walls to form a nice contrast with your bedding.

  1. Determine the Quality of your Duvet Cover:

The quality of a duvet cover is measured by its tog rating. The tog rating determines how warm a duvet feels. This should be taken into account especially if you live in colder regions. The duvet cover along with pillows is an integral part of your bedding hence the pillows should be comfortable and relax your neck and head when you lie on them. Pillowcases should be made with high-quality fabric. Remember to replace your pillows and duvets occasionally.

  1. Weave is an important aspect of Bedding:

The type of weave is an important criterion as it determines the appearance and texture of your bedding. Sateen and percale are the types of weave typically used in bedding sheets and quilts. Sateen fabric is soft and subtle, while percale is cooler and offers a crisp finish. The thread quality and count of your sheets and quilt decide the fabric's fineness. The number of threads per square inch is kept a count of to measure the quality of the fabric.

  1. Care and Maintenance Factor:

A very important point to remember is that your bedding should be low maintenance and easy to care for. Once you have chosen a certain material and weave, follow the washing and ironing instructions to the tee. If you ignore the instructions and do not provide the maintenance needed, your bedding will wear out soon, thereby forcing you to buy new sheets, pillows, and duvets. Therefore, you must choose bedding that is low maintenance especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

As discussed above, you should pay attention to not only the type of fabric, weave, prints, and maintenance requirements but also the interior décor of your house. Pillows, bed sheets, and duvets are the three most important parts of bedding; hence, you must pay attention when picking these items, as they ensure the comfort and durability of your bedding. We at Bourina have you covered, from all the beddings and duvet covers to blankets and throws, we have a variety available in beautiful hues and soft fabrics. We know how important your bedding is and we ensure utmost satisfaction and comfort for our clients.